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Current Flights

Flight Origin Destination Status  
No Pilots Currently Flying.

Top Landings

Pilot Aircraft Arrival Field Landing Rate Date Posted
FOF008 - Sahib SinghBoeing 737-800 WingletDFFD-501/23/2014
FOF034 - Talimba MangulamaBoeing 737-800 WingletHKJK-803/17/2017
MWI161 - Peter MbirimaBoeing 737-800 WingletFWCL-1812/31/2016
FOF001 - Jerry MrimaDeHavilland Canada DHC-8-Q400FVHA-2012/21/2016
FOF034 - Talimba MangulamaBoeing 737-800 WingletHAAB-2102/01/2014

Planned Flights

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Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft
FOF316 Edwin Walela HKJK OMAA B737-700

Flight Departures Board

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
Flight Time
MWI26 FWCL FAOR Zhondiwe Phiri B737-700 ET-ARB 2.2 Hours
KQA406-1 HKJK HAAB Jerry Mrima E190-100AR 5Y-FFB 1.9 Hours
FOF102 HKJK EGLL Brian Jack Harding B777-200LR 5Y-FOA 8.9 Hours
MWI34-1 FWCL FLKK Anas Saiyed DHC-8-400 ET-AQB 1.4 Hours
FOF108 HKJK EPWA IAN WARUI B777-200LR 5Y-FOB 8.1 Hours
FOF1765 FWKI HKJK Talimba Mangulama B737-800 5Y-FOW 2 Hours
MWI34-3 FVHA FWCL Mark Muita DHC-8-400 ET-AQB 1.05 Hours
FOF102 HKJK EGLL Emmanuel Maenda B777-200LR 5Y-FOA 8.9 Hours
FOF1466 HKJK HRYR Clement Robert E190-100AR 5Y-FOG 1.4 Hours
FOF316 HKJK OMAA Edwin Walela B737-700 5Y-FOU 4.8 Hours