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fofACARS new settings

Posted by Jerry Mrima on 06/24/2020

Under fofACARS info/settings change the following from http to https to look as below

1. URLBase

2. Browser URL

This is to be able to access the server which has updated scripts with enhanced security.

Top Landings

Pilot Aircraft Arrival Field Landing Rate Date Posted
FOF008 - Sahib SinghBoeing 737-800 WingletDFFD-501/23/2014
KQA199 - Osora BrianEmbraer 190-100ARHBBA-804/28/2019
FOF034 - Talimba MangulamaBoeing 737-800 WingletHKJK-803/17/2017
BBZ174 - Zhondiwe PhiriBoeing 737-700 WingletFWKI-1007/21/2018
KQA199 - Osora BrianEmbraer 190-100ARHKJK-1106/07/2019

Planned Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft
FOF204 Kiprop Boreh HKJK VABB B787-800

Flight Departures Board

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
Flight Time
FOF210 HKJK VABB Jerry Mrima B737-800W 5Y-CYC 6.15 Hours
FOF713-1 FIMP HKJK Andrew Mutuma B737-800W 5Y-FOO 4.7 Hours
MWI21-2 FWCL FWKI Mark Muita B737-700W ET-ARB 0.4 Hours
FOF782-1 FWKI FAOR Zhondiwe Phiri B777-200LR 5Y-FOC 2 Hours
FOF204 HKJK VABB Kiprop Boreh B787-800 5Y-FOF 5.55 Hours